Journey of Success


A Web Developer since 9th Grade...

It started off with a tutorial to HTML

On one fine evening of 2011, I was in my room looking at the pile of old CDs that me and my father had collected. Among those CDs were movies, games from the 90s, and a maroon colored CD with the title:

“HTML Seekhiye Urdu Zabaan Mein”

(Urdu transliteration for “Learn HTML in Urdu Language”)

If my memory serves me right, I had kept this CD for the past 2 years but only once did I actually insert it into my CD drive to see what it actually was. And it felt super boring back then. It felt as if there are a ton of other things important to know than HTML. Later on, this CD stopped working probably because of the scratches that came across the years.

But then on this find evening of 2011, I was supposed to study for my final exams. And the usual thought of escaping studies came to my mind.

You know those times when we switched from CD drives to DVD drives and every CD started working magically?

I had a DVD RW+ drive installed on my PC. I took this CD and placed it inside the DVD drive. That’s where it all begin. The CD had a great tutorial on HTML with coding sessions and what not. And of course, this tutorial looked more important than exams.

This is where it all started. Once I finished learning HTML, I went for CSS and so on.